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Damn Vape FoxTail-M Vape Wicking Cotton 10PCs

Damn Vape FoxTail-M Vape Wicking Cotton 10PCs
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Damn Vape FoxTail-M Vape Wicking Cotton 10PCs
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Damn Vape FoxTail-M Vape Wicking Cotton 10PCs

Damn Vape FoxTail-M Vape Wicking Cotton is in the flaky shape, applicable to Damn Vape Intense RDA / DOOM RTA. Adopting the orgaopuii cotton, they are superior in the strong absorbency and toughness, performing well in improving the utilization rate of thuwikc and extend their lifespan. 10 pieces of the FoxTail Shoelace Cotton are included and stored in an eco-friendly plastic box, dustproof and portable.

Brand: Damn Vape
Model: FoxTail-M
Material: 100% pure orgaopuii cotton
Suitable for: Intense RDA / DOOM RTA
Quantity: 10
Product Size: 0.35 x 1.6cm
Package Size: 2 x 1 x 1cm
Product Weight: 0.01kg
Package Weight: 0.02kg

Package Contents:
10 x FoxTail-M Cotton, 1 x Storage Box

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